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CLEARANCE:Griffin Android Auto Power Outlet
Product Description
1694-06 - PowerJolt Plus Mobile charges your micro- or mini-USB-charging android phone, camera, or MP3 player, all without monopolizing your car's 12V DC power supply. Plug PowerJolt Plus Mobile into your accessory power outlet, and then connect the coiled cable to your mobile device using the mini/micro-USB adapter. If you need to use another charger at the same time, PowerJolt Plus pops open to reveal another 12 volt accessory outlet, built right in and ready to charge. Will work with Blackberry and Android based phones. Ships in 1-piece Griffin logo giftbox.
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  • Material: Double Wall Plastic
  • Special Information: Griffin Item #GC23073 Griffin Replacement Gift Box #9099-52GB
  • Packaging Details: Double Wall Plastic
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  • $3.30
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