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How do I send Artwork
  1. What format of my Artwork is acceptable? The Best formats are Adobe Illustrator files in an AI or EPS format with all fonts converted to outlines. We will accept vector PDFs also. If you don’t have these types of digital Artwork, send us what you have and we will check it out. If we can simply fix your artwork, we will be happy to do it at no charge!! In some cases, if your artwork if very complex we will have re-created it for you in the form we need for a small artwork fee. Sometimes we can use these types: EPS, PNG, TIFF at 300 dpi or more. These types of formats won’t work. :-( Bitmap, JPG, GIF (images or logos you copy and paste from the internet) or files in which you change the extension to .eps. Please don’t do this, it won’t work. WE CAN however recreate these types of files for a small art charge, no problem! We will take care of you!
  2. Where do I send my artwork? Once you receive your order confirmation, simply reply to that email and attach your artwork to the email. Our customer service team will review and be in contact with any questions, suggestions, concerns, etc. We will take care of you!
  3. Do you keep my Artwork on file? Yes! Promo Universe keeps your artwork in our system for 1 year. We keep it on file for you to use in the future, we can even make simple changes like adding text or taglines below your logo at no charge!
  4. Can I use the same artwork in the future and save a Setup fee? Yes. If you use the exact same artwork on apparel orders, you will only pay setup fee once! If you re-order the same exact promotional item (same item, color, and imprint colors) you will not be charged a new setup!!
  5. What is a PMS #? A popular color matching system used by the printing industry to print spot colors. For example for a royal blue, there are many PMS #’s that could be royal blue. The exact PMS # will tell us exactly which royal blue you want to use. Most applications that support color printing allow you to specify colors by indicating the Pantone name or number. This assures that you get the right color when you items are printed, even though the color may not look right when displayed on your monitor due to the fact that monitors are displayed in RGB color format the colors may not represent an accurate representation of the actually PMS color chart. If you have to an exact color to be printed on your order, we strongly recommend providing the exact PMS color #’s for your artwork. If a specific PMS# is not provided, our team will pick a color for you. Promo Universe cannot be responsible for the difference in colors due to monitors.
  6. What size will my logo be on my items? Promo U reserves the right to size your logo to best fit on your items no matter what size your artwork is submitted. We will however meet your logo size specifications for your item order as long as the request is not larger than the allowable maximum imprint area. We want you 100% happy with your finished product.